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With decor inox you have a unique and refined space

Nowadays, metal structures are considered to be a very wide range of products and are a necessity for all manufacturers.

Decor Inox can build a variety of metal structures made of various materials (wrought iron, galvanised sheet, stainless steel, copper, etc.), at the most advantageous prices on the Romanian market.

High Quality and Modern Technology!

The whole range of products made of metal structures that Decor Inox provides for you is of very good quality and satisfies the most demanding tastes.

Decor Inox manufactures for all customers metal structures with profiles of high quality and with manufactures at European standards. All metal structures Decor Inox provides are made by means of advanced technologies, have very good quality and exceptional costs.

It is recommended that you order profiles for metal structures only after you consult a specialist in this field, who can offer you the best solutions for your project. Decor Inox offers its customers professional consulting services in the field of metal structures, as well as a technical team that has vast experience in making these types of products.

Multiple Advantages and Special Design

In the case of smaller projects, you have the possibility to purchase standard type metal structures, products intended for certain purposes that can be installed very easily.

Decor Inox encourages you to use the metal structures with great confidence and discover all the advantages they offer you.

With Decor Inox, you will always have a path open to the field of structures that involve metal structures, made with state-of-the-art techniques, with materials of the highest quality and at very affordable prices.

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